2024 Fremont Hills Garage Sale

The 2024 annual neighborhood garage sale will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 26 & 27.

For Visitors:

All are welcome to attend the Fremont Hills Garage Sale.  Discover and claim your new items from many participating garages! Doors will open at 7:00AM.

For Fremont Hills City Residents:


–  Friday and Saturday, April 26 & 27 from 7 a.m. until you choose to close (rain or shine)

–  Residents may have a 2-day sale if they wish per our garage sale ordinance (ordinance is on our website).  If you participate in this sale, it counts as one of the two you are permitted to have in a year.


–  There will be NO FEE to participate in the garage sale.  In past years, there was a small fee to cover newspaper advertising, security, signage, etc.


–  Advertising will be on the City’s website, signage at our three entrances, and on various social networks.  

–  Residents who wish to advertise in the newspaper may do so on their own, allowing them to list special items they may have for sale–residents may also advertise through social media (Nextdoor Fremont Hills, online garage sales, etc.)  

Parking/ Traffic

–  There will not be any “No Parking” signage placed as it is difficult to monitor and many visitors do not abide by the signage.

–  Please be prepared for extra traffic in our City during this event and leave yourself extra time to navigate the roadways.  

The City will attempt to seek officers scheduled to provide security patrol for us from 6:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. to monitor traffic flow.


–  Because there are so many worthwhile charities who would love to have your leftovers, we will let each family who participates take care of their own charitable donations.

Start cleaning out your closets–it will be here before you know it!

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